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Refund Policy Details

Should student’s enrollment be terminated or should the student withdraw for any reason, all refunds will be made according to the following schedule.

Students who wish to withdraw from the school must do so in writing (official withdrawal), the written request must contain the student’s name, social security number and the date of the request which must be delivered by registered mail or hand delivered to the school.

All monies will be refunded if the school does not accept the applicant or if the student cancels within three (3) business days, minus the administrative fee of $75.00 or current administrative fees.
Students who fail to attend classes without notifying the school of intent to withdraw will forfeit deposit after 30 days.

Student wishing to withdraw must do so officially, failure to withdraw officially from the school will result in additional fines and failing grades.

All refunds will be calculated based on the last day of academic activity.  Date  withdrawal will be considered to be ten (10 days from the date of last academic activity); academic activity refers to  the last date of interaction between the student and  the school and may include use of  learning resources, counseling services, assignment ,  clinical rotation, project submission  or preparation.

Moneys owed to the student will be paid out within 45 days after the date of withdrawal; the following refund applies;

For Classes Less than 300 Hours

If student cancels   School retains
Week One (After the 1st day of class) 20%
Week Two (20 Hours of Instruction) 40%
Week Three (50% of Nurse Aide Instruction) 75%
Weeks Four (80% of Nurse Aide Program)                                        100%


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